Skudo seals US distribution deal


Gold Coast-based company, Skudo has signed a 10-year exclusive deal with a US Distributor. The group, headed by Brendon Smith, will launch Skudo’s range of temporary peelable coatings across all US states in a deal estimated to be in the multi-millions.
San Francisco will be the first region to see the Skudo range of products, already proving popular with the construction industry locally, in the Middle East and parts of Asia, for the cost and labour-saving they deliver.
The US distribution deal will cover all Skudo’s range including some innovative products currently in the final testing phase.
Hayden Bone, business development manager at Skudo, said the potential is enormous, with 70 shipping containers of products required annually just to supply 1% of the tile market alone.
“We are very pleased to confirm that Skudo USA is to be launched by such a competent and professional team headed up by Mr Brendon Smith. The US market represents a significant size to the overall business for Skudo and the importance to developing the right business model there is critical to the success of the global brand moving forward.”
Skudo is an Australian, family-owned manufacturer of specialist coatings designed for the Construction and Marine sectors. Skudo develops a range of products but its main focus is on developing systems for ‘temporary protection’ during construction and production. Skudo recently signed a deal with another company to distribute the products through Australia, Asia, and the Middle East.

The Skudo range of temporary protective coatings can be used for all applications in the construction and marine industries – from glass to flooring, cladding to vitreous ware, most porous and any non-porous substrate used in construction.
Explains Hayden Bone: “On many construction sites, tiles or other flooring materials are laid prior to many stages of construction, leading to potential damage once those phases of the build get underway. There can be a lot of sand, dirt, spills, tools and machinery brought in over the top of the flooring. Skudo Floor System becomes the protective layer for these valuable substrates and reduces damage and additional spend on costly repairs.”
Tested to combat the harshest environments and formulated to suit any climate, Skudo Floor System is water-fast and suitable for most substrates including raw concrete, polished concrete, tiles, sealed timber, granite, marble, glass, aluminium, steel, vinyl, stainless steel and terrazzo to name a few.
Aqueous-based and residual free, Skudo Floor System offers the best protection from contaminants and damage during construction. Acting as a ‘drop sheet’, it is ideal for high traffic areas to protect against tool damage, metal filings, most solvents, overspray, dirt, splatter, plaster, deterioration as a result of UV exposure or corrosion and general wear and tear.
Non-flammable, non-hazard and skid resistant, they can be used over a multitude of areas requiring temporary protection. Benefits, according to the company's chemist, include “a reduction of labour costs, an extremely tough, uniform film thickness that is easily applied and even more simply removed by peeling off in sheets which eliminates messy hand scraping”.

Skudo’s European-trained chemist is able to tailor compounds to suit client applications, environment and unique specifications, whether it’s for two or 2000 tonnes, from the extreme climates of the hot, dry desert to humid, wet regions of Asia or freezing temperatures in New Zealand.

Skudo UK and Skudo Korea both showcase SKUDO products at coinciding building shows
Fresh from showcasing the new Skudo range at the January World of Concrete in Las Vegas USA, Skudo has again been represented at the UK Concrete Show in Coventry and the trade show in South Korea where the new range of Floor systems were presented. Skudo is expanding globally with a long list of countries now representing the brand. Temporary protection has always been required no matter where you are working around the globe and the solutions that Skudo offer are both simple and effective.
Skudo signs Letter of Intent with Korea
A deal has been struck with a Korean company – ILDO Trading which are specialists in concrete add-ons that will see Skudo products being sold within that territory. Korea is a booming market with some very large opportunities available. Skudo are very excited about the deal and look forward to a long and strong relationship with ILDO.
Skudo signs letter of Intent with Japan
Skudo Coatings has signed a deal with Japanese distribution company WBM to sell and distribute the Skudo range throughout Japan. In an exclusive rights deal, WBM would undertake the marketing and distribution throughout the territory that is seeking to undergo large construction from the wake of one of the world’s worst natural disasters in history. Mr Watanabe first noticed Skudo in a building show in San Francisco and immediately believed the product would have a huge benefit for the Japanese construction market. WBM has several subsidiary companies within the construction industry with one being the largest traditional roof tile producer in Japan.
Skudo Launches Skudo MAT in a range of exciting formats
Skudo have launched a revolutionary new range of temporary flooring solutions which they say is a quantum leap forward in technology and innovation. The Mat systems are an improvement in every aspect of the previous system yet still provides all the premium performance expectations the Skudo temporary protection products have come to be renowned for. read more...