Skudo Resists Burning


Fire performance is a requirement that is becoming increasingly important on work sites as catastrophes can occur from the smallest of incidents. Skudo is aware if this issue and developed the Skudo FR’ Floor system which combats the potential fire risks some work zones encounter by providing a fire and flame resistant temporary protective coating. To validate the performance claims, Skudo has undertaken a number of tests including flammability, heat, and smoke development.

Skudo commissioned two main tests from AWTA – a NATA Accredited facility. The first being - ASISO 9239.1-2003 Part 1. This relates to ‘reaction to fire for floorings’ and determines the burning behaviour using a radiant heat source. The test specimen is placed in a horizontal position below a gas-fired radiant panel inclined at 30° where it is exposed to a defined heat flux. A pilot flame is applied to the hotter end of the specimen. Any flame front that develops is noted and a record is made of the progression of the flame front horizontally along the length of the specimen in terms of the time it takes to spread to defined distances. If required, the smoke development during the test is recorded as the light transmission in the exhaust stack. The results are expressed in terms of flame-spread distance versus time, the critical heat flux at extinguishment and smoke density versus time.

The second test related to flammability - BS4790:1987 The test specimens are positioned in a flat circular frame and a heated (900 °C) stainless steel nut weighing 30 grams is placed on the surface and then removed after 30 seconds. The results are then recorded measuring flame extinction time, smoldering time, or time to reach outer ring. Finally the ‘radius of effects of ignition’ on both sides of the specimen which is registered as a Classification.


ASISO 9239.1-2003 Part 1

Critical Heat Flux


Smoke Value

4 min

Maximum radius of damage



Flame Extinction time


Smoulder time


Radius of affected Area: 
- use surface
- under surface




Classification for Radius of effect of ignition


Skudo UK and Skudo Korea both showcase SKUDO products at coinciding building shows
Fresh from showcasing the new Skudo range at the January World of Concrete in Las Vegas USA, Skudo has again been represented at the UK Concrete Show in Coventry and the trade show in South Korea where the new range of Floor systems were presented. Skudo is expanding globally with a long list of countries now representing the brand. Temporary protection has always been required no matter where you are working around the globe and the solutions that Skudo offer are both simple and effective.
Skudo signs Letter of Intent with Korea
A deal has been struck with a Korean company – ILDO Trading which are specialists in concrete add-ons that will see Skudo products being sold within that territory. Korea is a booming market with some very large opportunities available. Skudo are very excited about the deal and look forward to a long and strong relationship with ILDO.
Skudo signs letter of Intent with Japan
Skudo Coatings has signed a deal with Japanese distribution company WBM to sell and distribute the Skudo range throughout Japan. In an exclusive rights deal, WBM would undertake the marketing and distribution throughout the territory that is seeking to undergo large construction from the wake of one of the world’s worst natural disasters in history. Mr Watanabe first noticed Skudo in a building show in San Francisco and immediately believed the product would have a huge benefit for the Japanese construction market. WBM has several subsidiary companies within the construction industry with one being the largest traditional roof tile producer in Japan.
Skudo Launches Skudo MAT in a range of exciting formats
Skudo have launched a revolutionary new range of temporary flooring solutions which they say is a quantum leap forward in technology and innovation. The Mat systems are an improvement in every aspect of the previous system yet still provides all the premium performance expectations the Skudo temporary protection products have come to be renowned for. read more...